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On an island paradise where much of the terrain is owned by wood and water, the local forest reserve remains home to some of nature’s most exotic creatures. Some creatures are on the brink of extinction, but with wild life enthusiasts like Dwayne Smith still around, persons will continue to be educated about the importance of endangered species.

Dwayne is the main live attraction at the Kool Runnings Adventure Park in Negril. His job is to educate the community about the need to preserve the lives of endangered animals. He accomplishes this through carefully scripted skits that entertain and teach the audience about the preservation of endangered animals.

“I think the best way to educate people about endangered animals in Jamaica is through entertainment, because when you mix entertainment and education together people will catch on a lot faster,” he said.

yardreel-1439 Safari Dwayne

Employed with the park since 2008 Dwayne says his love for animals started when he was a toddler. “I have always been interested in animals, as a boy growing up whenever I came across something I’ve never seen before I would try my best to read, research and find out as much as I can about that animal so I can help save them from extinction.”

That passion has given birth to a campaign, where he now travels to various schools throughout western Jamaica educating students about endangered wild life and how to protect them. His traveling partner is a 6 year old non-venomous Jamaican Yellow Boa Constrictor found only in Jamaica, he explained that as harmless as the Jamaican Boa is to humans it is often killed on sight due to fear and mis-education.

“My aim is to educate the people through entertainment so we can save them and help them to survive.”

Safari Dwayne can be found at the Kool Runnings Adventure Park during operating hours.

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