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International Reggae Day 2015 | A Celebration of Global Reggae Culture

  International Reggae Day was celebrated by several different nations such as Jamaica, India, Spain, Chile, Sweden and the United States. It was the 21st staging of the event which saw more than 5 capital cities participating by hosting various activities surrounding the appreciation for Reggae music and culture. In Kingston, Jamaica the birthplace of
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March.4.2015 Dubwise Wednesday series continues. Pictured @kabakapyramid and @yaadcore   Image by R. Hohn

Rebel Salute 2014 – Rebel With A Touch Of Class

Whoever said that reggae music was dead were again proven wrong. Rebel Salute lived up to expectation as people turned out in their thousands to witness the power of Reggae. Priory St. Ann was transformed into a melting pot of people from across the world all pledging allegiance to the Reggae lifestyle. Night 1 featured
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The Preservation Of Reggae Rebel Salute 2014

Rebel Salute 2014 is set to draft much anticipation with the staging of its’ 21st anniversary concert. A concert which has consistently striven to deliver the most authentic reggae culture experience, while offering a holistic family friendly environment for Rebel Saluters. “Rebel Salute is important to our, music, our culture, our people and our country,”
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