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Shaggy And Friends | 1Ticket = 1Life

Shaggy And Friends | 1Ticket = 1Life
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Kingston, Jamaica.

Shaggy’s Make A Difference Foundation continues to do amazing work for the children living in the Caribbean. As organizers for the Shaggy and Friends 2016 benefit concert, they have managed to raise more than USD$1.6million and bought 450 essential pieces of life saving equipment as well as facilitating much needed repairs to vital pieces of machinery.

The biennial event, now in its 5th staging has grown increasingly popular each year. Co-operations such as media giant iHeartMedia, who has the farthest reach of any other television or radio station in the US and Italian car manufacturers Fiat offer to partner with the foundation and help to broadcast the message of how important it is for children to have access to medical care.

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“This could have been any one of our children,” Shaggy says while onstage with a child who has directly benefited from the Make A Difference Foundation. He later released a cluster of balloons paying respect to the premature newborns who lost their lives due to inadequate hospital care.

The Bustamante Hospital for Children is the only full-service pediatric Hospital in the English speaking Caribbean, making it a significant life-saving force that needs state of the art equipment and specialized facilities in order to run with optimum efficiency.

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All performers on the show donated their services free of cost. Logistically the show cannot get any bigger but in terms of cross platform exposure Shaggy And friends has made great progress in spreading the message of 1 ticket = 1 life and I Dare.

Visit www.shaggyfoundation.org today and see how you can help #TeamShaggy4Kids.

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