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Her Name Is Denyque

Her Name Is Denyque

Performing artiste Denyque recently released her debut EP titled “Her Name Is Denyque,” at the famous Red Bones Blues Cafe. The EP features 6 tracks including Make Me Believe you, Ring the Alarm and How To Rave.


Hosted by Craigy T other performers on the night included DMajor, Ice Man, Chino McGregor, Bay C and the Warrior Love Band. All gave professional musical performances making way for the Jamaican “super girl” who confidently delivered songs from her pop infused EP. (below left-right DMajor, Chino)


The Ep “Her Name Is Denyque” is now available on the itunes. Watch the video above of Denyque’s How To Rave (live acoustic performance) @ Red Bones Blues Cafe.


 words/images by R. Hohn

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