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Rebel Salute 2015 The Preservation Continues

  The preservation of reggae continues as Rebel Salute celebrated its’ 22nd staging. Staying true to its’ fundamental roots, Rebel Saluters were gifted with another showcase of live indigenous roots reggae music.The showcase offered a response to the idea that reggae has found roots elsewhere, an idea that has caused much concern and debate involving
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Kingston Dub

September.24.2014. Another edition in the Dubwise Wednesday series hosted by Yaadcore featured Rockers Sound Station with Gabre Selassie at the control. Gabre Selassie is the owner and operator of Rockers Sound Station, a sound system dedicated to giving patrons an opportunity to experience authentic roots reggae dub music. It was established in the early 70’s
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Night Life Mix Master

Sound System operators are very important to the dancehall community. This operator shows his mixing skills as he takes control of #KingTafariSound system during the recently held tribute for dancehall icon Sugar Minott @ his #youthmanpromotion #hq in #maxfield. He is the #pioneer of this action, the first person in Jamaica to do live mixing
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Musically Speaking

Jamaica is the center of uniqueness, a place known for gifting and influencing the world. This piano and mic also sits within a very influential space known as Gee Jam. The studio plays host to some of the biggest names in music today. On theis day the studio engineers are inbetween sessions as they share
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Night Life Stage Show

May.24.2014 Only a Ninja can kill a Ninja,  the life and memory of Sugar Minott was celebrated by fans, friends and family in Maxfield Kingston 5  Jamaica. The many Guests who came and showed their respect at the memorial of the late dancehall legend outnumbered the space available on the stage. As a seasoned vet
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Night Life Tattoo Artist

#Tattoos have become quite an attraction in the #dancehall, here a young tattoo artist fulfills this dancehall fan’s request by applying a few stars to an already existing tat. #nightlife #tattoo #art #jamaica #partyrockin #summertime #ink #blackandwhite #canon #yardreel #eventphotography #yardreeltheoriginal

Night Life Soul 2 Soul

Jamaican dancehall culture is a very important aspect of Jamaican night life. It is tradition and custom for party fans to dress their best and wet thier appetite for good music in the company of friends, family and associates. On this night the musical choice wasn’t dancehall or reggae, but old and new school R&B
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Rebel Salute 2014 – Rebel With A Touch Of Class

Whoever said that reggae music was dead were again proven wrong. Rebel Salute lived up to expectation as people turned out in their thousands to witness the power of Reggae. Priory St. Ann was transformed into a melting pot of people from across the world all pledging allegiance to the Reggae lifestyle. Night 1 featured
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The Preservation Of Reggae Rebel Salute 2014

Rebel Salute 2014 is set to draft much anticipation with the staging of its’ 21st anniversary concert. A concert which has consistently striven to deliver the most authentic reggae culture experience, while offering a holistic family friendly environment for Rebel Saluters. “Rebel Salute is important to our, music, our culture, our people and our country,”
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Video: Usain Bolt attemps to exhaust Aguero ahead of Manchester derby

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and a die-hard Manchester United fan, attempts to do the Red Devils a favor and exhaust Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero before Sunday’s Manchester derby. [jwplayer mediaid=”4239″]

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